PEPP Services

Put on your detective hat and see if you can sniff out whodunit?

This year, PePP Services celebrates our 10th year in Business and we want to celebrate with all of you. So what better way, than hosting a party to show off what we do.

Over the years, we have had our ups and downs, huge growth and this year is bringing lots of new and exciting changes we want to share. That is why we have decided to reincarnate an event from the past and showcase just how far PePP has come over the past 10 years.

Before we officially opened our doors, we were asked to assist the Harwood Arms with their New Year’s Eve Celebration on December 31, 2012. To keep in theme with the Pub’s ship theme, we decided to host a Cruise themed Murder Mystery. The evening was so much fun , we are excited to do it all over again.

As we are all about giving back, we are using this event to support one of our Not-for-Profit clients: Aids Commitee of Durham Region. $20 from each ticket will be donated as well as all proceeds from the Raffle & Bar sales.

Overview for the evening:

It is October 29, 1929. The luxury cruise liner H.M.S Flapper is only a day or so out from its destination of New York after the journey from England. On board is a rare collection of the times rich, famous and perhaps infamous. On the last evening of the cruise the Captain has gathered some of the most interesting and eccentric guests together for a special banquet at his table in the Dining Room. But as the guests finish cocktails and begin to take their seats, the Purser has a terrible announcement to make. Earlier that afternoon the body of the Captain was found floating face down in the enclosed pool on the leisure deck. Purser Roger Seemein has been investigating all afternoon, now he wants to hear what the other guests have to say…

Tickets include:

  • Charcuterie Grazing Table
  • Non-alcoholic Hot & Cold Beverages
  • Sparkling Wine or Water for Toasting
  • Cake
  • Custom Thank you Gift
  • Participation in Murder Mystery – limited character tickets available
  • $20 Donation to ACDR – tax receipt issued

Evening also includes:

  • Cash Bar (proceeds in support of ACDR)
  • Raffle (proceeds in support of ACDR)
  • Prize for Murder Mystery Winner
  • Special Draw for dressing up
  • Special Thank you Gift for Character Guests
  • Door Prize Draw
  • Evening of Mingling & Fun

Cash, etransfer and credit card will be available on the ship for purchases.

So let’s all get dressed up, have an evening of fun and give back!


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