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Every charitable act makes a difference! The world is increasingly driven by experiences and events have now become tools that Non For Profit events can use to create inspiring experiences and build their brand. Keeping that in mind, creative fundraising event ideas can help you get the ball rolling during a mid-campaign slump and also help to collect resources easily in case of an emergency. The effectiveness of your event will depend on how well it will engage donors, maximize participation, and inspire donors to give again. So if you are ready to find exciting and innovative ways to raise money for your non for profit organization that will help spread the word about your cause, keep reading. The first step is to assess your non for profit’s purpose, its strength and its weakness. The second is to develop event ideas that appeal to you and your cause. Lastly, it’s time to organize it, which includes creating a schedule and budget, getting volunteers, finding a venue, and marketing the event effectively. Before you start organizing your fundraising calendar, here is a list of some fun events and a few things to consider about whether it may be a good fit for your nonprofit:

1. A-thon fundraisers

Whether you’re into walk-a-thons, read-a-thons, or bake-a-thons, these fundraisers are effective for nonprofit organizations because they are fun and easy, and help raise awareness of your organization by bringing in quite a bit of funding. Benefits include low overhead costs, making them ideal for organizations with limited budgets, and nonprofits of all shapes and sizes tend to raise money through this event.

2. Charity Gala

Who doesn’t love to get dressed up and enjoy a fashionable and fun evening while also raising money? Themed galas are the most popular ones and can be anything from a Masquerade Ball to Casino Nights. But these events are large-scale and usually require a lot of time, energy, and resources to pull off. They involve hosting a nice dinner, entertainment, silent auction, or other activity to benefit your cause. Because of the high up-front cost, these are the most beneficial for large organizations with big budgets. Small and mid-sized organizations can also bring in a lot of money through galas, but it is essential to consider the planning requirements of this type of fundraiser.

3. Supply Drive

A supply drive may help when the event doesn’t need any monetary gifts but it requests donations of various supplies. For instance, school supply drives can ask for things like backpacks, pens, pencils, and paper. Food drives may collect canned goods and other non-perishable foods for people in need. The best part about this fundraising event is that any organization can host a supply drive. You just need to have a dedicated list of items and ask your community members if they are willing to donate to your charity. To sum it up, whether you’re hosting a gala, a bake sale, or a raffle, there are a few things you can do to increase donations on the day of the event: Use fundraising software to automate common tasks and reduce workload Ask for monthly donations instead of one-time ones to increase your fundraising amount Plan inspiring events throughout the year and make sure they are marketed well By the end of your event, the guests should be explained everything about your non for profit event, its cause, and why they should care about it. If they can’t do that, you’ve missed out. More questions about what type of fundraising events will work for your non for profit organization? Contact PePP Services and learn more.